Protective Face Mask

protective face mask

Because of the outbreak of coronavirus, Creative Crystal Awards the largest wholesale supplier in USA glad to bring the FDA cleared high-quality Protective Face Mask to protect you all from COVID-19 also can be useful in keeping away most viruses, bacteria, germ and harmful substance in the air from you and protect your health. It is highly recommended to wear a KN95 safety mask to be sure to protect form Coronavirus infection. KN95 antivirus respirator mask is one of the best face masks for coronavirus. So, demand of KN95 disposable face masks is sky high while there are great shortage of KN95 face masks in the U.S. We are supplying FDA approved KN95 face masks help to protect all the people of America including: school / college / university students, employees, medical workers, healthcare professionals, police, veterans, volunteers, teachers, doctors, factory workers and industry workers. We are selling 3D foldable face protective masks made of good quality thick 5-layer material that provides a solid sense of covering, feeling protected, relieved and safe. Elastic straps and adjustable nose clip for different face shapes and head sizes. Perfect for daily use and outdoor activities. These KN95 masks uses very good materials, so the filtration performance is excellent, and breathing resistance is low, the test data performed well and completely passed the test standard (GD 2626-2006).

We have large quantities of KN95 respirator masks available in our stock ready to deliver to you to fight against Coronavirus. So we can send out quickly, support low MOQ, use fast courier company to deliver. Our KN95 protective face masks are good quality and are FDA certified, we can legally export KN95 respirator face masks all over the world. If you are looking for legit KN95 mask suppliers in USA and want to purchase wholesale KN95 masks in large volume then don’t hesitate to Contact Us today. At this moment, we are supplying KN95 masks in bulk to small companies, large multinational companies, industries and factories. So, we can supply you any large quantities of reusable KN95 masks at factory direct prices within fast turnaround time. Stay safe and healthy. Let’s work together to defeat the Coronavirus disease.

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